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After a recent spate of complaints, I began to think, I should give up editing for Blogcritics and become a pimp. They have it easy compared to what editors go through. Don't mind me...I'm feeling somewhat goofy and loopy from pain meds.
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Yea, what she said... well, most of it. In January, Blogcritics changed. You might not have noticed, but it did. We moved on from the "blog" thing. We have an editorial process now that involves an editor (or more if needed) to read over and check every article. We have a hierarchy of editors. There is a style guide for everything. And if there isn't one yet, we are making it.

The process is not perfected. It is only March, by the way. Everyone is volunteering, no one gets a check in the mail from Blogcritics Inc.

The editors are supposed to write for the site too! Wait a second, I did not see that in the contract. I do not know how other editors write so much. I myself am backed up on reviews. I hope to take care of some of those this weekend. I wish I had more time to edit and publish stories too. I also wish I was a better copy editor. I have learned a lot, but I still goof here and there.

As the Gaming section is new, gaining contacts in the industry has not been easy. This is yet another thing I am constantly doing -- on top of the other editorial duties one has at Blogcritics. Lately things have been picking up. I am getting more contacts. I was quite happy to get in touch with Marc Ecko's PR Manager and set up and interview... that I handed off to Matt. Getting all these games in is fun, shipping them out to writers is not. Mainly because I would like to review Product X, but do not have the time. I just got a GP2X in and will be reviewing that. That has taken weekly if not daily prodding since October to get a review copy. Was it worth it? You betcha!

But I enjoy it all, and that is why I am still an editor at Blogcritics. I am sure the other editors would say the same. The Blogcritics editors are a great support group -- and believe me, each one of us needs help in one way or another.

I am sure there are some BC editors reading this, so an "I love you guys" is in order. And to the writers who may be reading this: I love you too, just not in that way :p

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