DS Lite GBA Slot Sucks

As seen in this video, the GBA slot on the DS Lite sucks. I don't play many GBA games, but I do like the DS Rumble Pak, which happens to be in the form of a GBA cart. Cabel's first look video/photos are worth a look too.

How could they overlook this? I take design very seriously and cannot fathom why/how they could not fix this problem before production.

Although I will most likely buy one for the brightness of the screen. It is brighter than the PSP screen after all. But I am not going to pay full price for the DS Lite. I may be crazy, but not that crazy.

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dupe :-)

yeah, the ds lite slot sucks. as I've said before:

This will probably kill the whole enhancement pack idea. Nobody with a Lite is going to use the rumble back (or any other enhancement thingie) if it doesn't fit into the case. They should have found a solution for that problem. I'm sure they figured that out by themselves, and they probably had very good reasons to go with the current design, but still, I think it's a bad move.

although if the ds continues selling as it does now, and if the lite actually replaces the ds instead of being a second choice alongside the ds, then we might see smaller enhancement packs appearing, which won't fit into the normal ds.

Yes I know it is a dupe, but this one has video, and some rather funny commentary from Cabel.

Plus, what is a better way to prove a point? Bitch about it some more!

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