DVD Review: The Real Ghosbusters 3-Pack

Spinning off the hugely popular film, the cartoon version of Ivan Reitman's Ghostbusters may be toned down, but it's still a lot of fun. The designs, sarcasm, humor, and occasionally linked storylines still make it a joy to watch 20 years after its debut. You'd never know how fondly remembered it was from Sony's DVD treatment though.

The three discs, all separate releases, include four episodes a piece. Spooky Spirits, Slimefighters, and Creatures of the Night are the titles of these discs, though the connections between those titles and the episodes are loose at best. There's no logic in the episode selection, as most are from wildly different seasons.

Slimefighters is the only one with any noticeable attempt at careful selection, offering episodes focused mostly on Slimer who became a pet to the Ghostbusters in this series. Here's a perfect opportunity to include the episode where the explanation is given for why Slimer is their pet, but it's not.

Still, for fans of the show, these episodes are worth revisiting. Everything that hooked kids back in the 80s is here, including some superb ghost designs, some great action, and classic light shows during every shows finale. While some of the plots may not be engaging, the action and humor will be. It holds up well, even if the animation can be sloppy at times. (***)

Video quality here shows a lack of care on Sony's part. There's been no clean up done, so scratches, dust, and heavy aliasing can be present. Compression is a nightmare at times, though some episodes are worse than others (Killerwatt is especially awful). It's probably a slight increase in quality from those taped-off-TV VHS copies laying around and not much else. (**)

Audio is likewise faded and scratchy. While dialogue is understandable, there's a noticeable line of static running underneath it all. There's nothing in the way of stereo work (not that it was expected), and high pitched sounds are especially tough to make out. (**)

Aside from a variety of trailers for family viewing, there are no extras. (No stars)

Releasing these as separate discs is nothing more than a test for full season releases. From a business standpoint though, printing three discs with their own cases and covers had to be more expensive than slapping a bunch of season episodes on a single disc. It's rather blatant to grab fans multiple times on separate purchases while seeing where interest lies.

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