New Games Galore, With Bonus Commentary

Lately I have a ton of new games to play. Some are new, others are just new to me. During my latest eBay exploits I nabbed Virtua Tennis for PSP, Bust-a-Move DS, and Outlaw Golf 2 for Xbox - all for less than $50.

I just got a copy of Marc Ecko's Getting Up from Atari. I also got a copy of 24: The Game from 2K Games, which will be going to Matt for review this weekend. I just bought Super Princess Peach, The Rub Rabbits, and a used copy of Flipnic at 2 Play - store credit is a wonderfully evil thing.

Out of all those I am sure you are saying "What the hell is Flipnic, and why would you buy that?" To my surprise when I got my pre-order of Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max (with D-Pad) from Capcom it came with a Flipnic demo.

Flipnic is a SCEA developed, Capcom published pinball game. It has some 70+ areas and 100+ missions. It is not your every day pinball game at all. It is a lot of fun, and (this is sad) looks absolutely amazing on the PS2.

Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure is not getting enough critical acclaim. It is a solid title (4/5 stars according to Matt) that has a fun, if not far fetched, story about The Man oppressing graffiti artists. The fighting engine is so-so, but the graff writing is really well done. It uses the analog stick to spray paint all over the wall. You must cover the chalk outline and not let any paint drip. Would I have bought this? Yes, the story is a long one. You will not be through it quickly. It just so happens that I have a good Atari contact for Blogcritics - and Matt could not wait for the game to arrive in the mail. So that should tell you something.

The Nintendo DS is just trouncing the PSP in the software department. No amount of homebew games is going to compete with Nintendo's DS lineup. I scored a used copy of Bust-a-Move DS for $11 and it was worth every penny. You use the stylus to slingshot the colored globes into the play field. It is a great mechanic, and it is Bust-a-Move after all - the game is a classic made even better on the DS.

Super Princess Peach feels like a S/NES Mario game. It actually has a very Yoshi's Island feel to it. The game has eight words, and each world has five stages. After you beat Bowser there are MORE stages unlocked. I have so far unlocked a really fun mini-game in which you blow into the mic to make Toad jump. If there was any gripe about the game, it is on the easy side. But who the (bleep) cares, it is a Mario-styled side scroller on the DS! It also is a shining example that 2D games on the DS can rock. Oh and Super Princess Peach makes use of that Rumble Pak that came with Metroid Prime Pinball.

The Rub Rabbits, AKA Where do Babies Come From?, is just as painfully addicting as Feel The Magic XX/XY. We need to see more stuff like this coming from SEGA. They did not change much since Feel The Magic, but they have added more than just Story Mode this time. You can, for example, make and share babies in the game. That should be fun.

I got a review copy of Virtua Tennis for PSP but I made the mistake of giving it to Matt for review. Now he won't give it back, and has threatened to fight me tooth-and-nail if I want it. The easier solution was just to buy a used copy from eBay. Because of the small screen of the PSP, it looks even better than it did on the Dreamcast. Virtua Tennis is one of the better games to have in your PSP collection. That is unless of course you already sold your PSP. Because if you did, I wouldn't blame you at all.

I am getting really tired of the port machine that is the PSP, especially when the ports are horridly broken (Midway Arcade Treasures). Sure it is great to take Virtua Tennis and Street Fighter Alpha 3 out for a spin, but we need new, original IP's for the PSP. Pursuit Force is looking good. After that you just need to fade to the effects track with the crickets chirping.

The next Untold Legends is on its way from SOE, this time with actual online game play! Amazing, I know. I think there are now more Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection games than there are Infrastructure games. This is infuriating for this wannabe PSP fan.

The coming months do look pretty good for the PSP. The big releases are spaced too far apart however. Why doesn't Sony offer a download service for the PSP with arcade-style games to hold us over until the big titles hit. Hell, that tactic has pulled the wool over the eyes of Xbox 360 owners the world over, I am sure it would work for Sony. I highly doubt that a Sony Arcade would be as fun as the Xbox Live Arcade however, that has been the 'killer app' for the 360 so far. Besides, does Sony ever do anything right (the first time)?

But I am getting off topic here.

I received 24: The Game yesterday morning. I am only in the 2nd hour of the game (not play time, 2nd out of 24 hrs, you know, how the show works). I gave up cable and even when I had it I never watched the show. But it is a fun game even without seeing the first two seasons of 24. I am sure it would make a lot more sense had I seen those seasons, but whatever. Surprising is the progressive scan and widescreen support. Those are nice to have. The game does have pretty high production values... for a PS2 game. Call be crazy but the Xbox 360 has made me jaded toward all PS2 games. Well all except Flipnic - that game is gorgeous.

24: The Game is basically The Getaway, but you can actually understand the dialog this time around. If I was a fan of the series I might consider getting the game. But I am not, so I won't.

That leaves us with Outlaw Golf 2. Who ever thought of making a M rated golf game is a genius. I have not put a lot of time into this one yet, but Matt was right (as he usually, but not always, is) about this one. And I am all for games taking on the good fight of beating down the hegemony of Tiger Woods PGA Golf. Will EA ever improve Tiger Woods? When pigs fly.

Well, OK, that was fun. It has been some time since I had written a bloggy-styled post. I should try that more often. I knew I would have less time to write when I took on the Gaming Editor position at Blogcritics, but I did not expect to have this much less time. Oh well. Most of my time has been editing other posts and gathering review materials for the site. It just feels great when a contact comes through, as the case has been with Atari.

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I got a review copy of Virtua Tennis for PSP but I made the mistake of giving it to Matt for review. Now he won't give it back, and has threatened to fight me tooth-and-nail if I want it.

Actually, it was going to a mud wrestling thong match broadcast live here on BW, and after I said that was the only way he was getting it back, he chose to let me keep it for better of all humanity.

A tooth, nail, barbed wire match may be good too though...


Apropos PSP, somebdoy sent me this kind of funny and kind of sad link yesterday:
PSP THQ Smackdown Loading

This isn't some third rate crapfest. This is from Yuke's. Oh well...

The arcade download idea sounds great. I wish Sony would implement it. Then, maybe, I'd reconsider buying a PSP.

Oh yea... that Smackdown vs. RAW 2006 movie has been linked a lot lately. I first saw it on Joystiq a little while ago. Too funny.

I doubt there will ever be an arcade for the PSP, but I wouldn't put it past them to drum up one for the PS3.

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