Sam Goody Closes Doors In BG

It is no surprise that Sam Goody is going out of business, or rather changing their name to FYE. Hopefully FYE will not be any worse than Sam Goody was.

At any rate, the (s)mall's Sam Goody in Bowling Green is having one of those nifty bittersweet liquidation sales. Most everything in the store is 20% off, while other things are 25% off. The games are only 20% off, and I saw nothing I truly needed. Yep, that is correct -- you heard me -- I walked out of the store without a game.

That is more than I can say for Matt, considering the last time we were there (his first) he bought $20 of clearance items that I would classify as "junk," other than a cheap copy of NFL Street 2 for the Xbox. This was a trip I get yelled at for too, because I made him spend the money. Yea, that's it.

So maybe it is a good thing Sam Goody is changing to FYE. No more forcing Matt into buying any more junk that he already bought two days before for twice the money. That is a plus.

What really sucks is the Replay Points that I have at Sam Goody. I need to call them and inquire about those. It is really nice getting $5 and $10 off on new video games, like Oblivion, which I just bought from Sam Goody last week.

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