Swindled on eBay

I guess I had it coming. It has been at least five years since I got screwed out of an auction on eBay. On March 10th I bought Ultimate Block Party for the PSP, a Buy It Now auction. On March 15th I got a USPS notice email, as I payed immediately via PayPal -- this all seemed very normal and acceptable to me. Only the USPS email only gave me a tracking number, no actual package tracking included. I checked in a couple days, but nothing. On March 23 I sent an email. On March 27th I sent another email. It is now March 30th and all I have received is an automated email telling me to use the eBay message system as the seller gets a lot of spam otherwise.

No I don't know about you, but I get quite a lot of spam that looks like it came from the eBay message center. So I do not know how a personal "hey what's going on with my game" email could be construed as spam. At any rate I used the eBat message center and fired off both of my previous emails that way.

As I said, it is March 30th, and still nothing. In a few more days I am going to go ape-shit on this seller, because I want my game and I worked hard for that money. 98.4% positive feedback or not, don't buy anything from "moviecheapnet," I never will again.

I notice the game is covered under PayPal Buyer Protection, so I may have to go that rout. Just a FYI, you have 45 days to file for it.

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