Ultimate Utopia XXIII

If there ever was a spoof of Final Fantasy X, this is it. You can check out the YouTube version or even get a higher rez version here.

If you are not in tears laughing after you watch this, please check your pulse. And thanks to Jordan for pointing this and that Xbox 360 ad out.

Enter the world of Ultimate Utopia XXIII where real life and video game collide!

This movie is a mock on RPGS particularly Final Fantasy. I came up with this idea a year ago and decided to finally do it. It was a lot of working coordinating the menus and numbers and such. About one week of editing using Premiere, AE, and AlamDV. One day of shooting.

I hope you have as much fun watching it as I had making it! =)

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"Copyright Infringement."

That's just great comedy. I almost wish they stuck with the adventuring longer. Running into the wall was classic.

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