Welcome to EA Online, Meancode

I received this email today:

Welcome, Meancode

Thanks for playing on Xbox Live. The EA and Xbox Live partnership gives you an even deeper and richer experience on the ea.com website, including access to your personal stats, rankings and more.

Just link your Gamertag to an EA Account to get the most out of your online experience by clicking here.

Once you get linked, you can access your stats, leaderboards, the latest news, events, and more at http://www.ea.com/.

For customer support, please visit us at http://support.ea.com

I signed on, but did not even play one game, to the Battlefield 2: Modern Combat Demo. In that amount of time I got spammed by EA!

Reguardless, it was quite simple to link my EA account and my Gamertag. I already had an EA account from playing SSX 3 on PS2 and Madden NFL 06 (briefly) on PSP.

1. Sign In
2. Click Button

It was really that simple because the form had all my data from my Gamertag info.

Q: Are we getting too connected here?
A: No, we already are.

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