8-Year-Old Modesto Boy Steals Teacher's Minivan

This story was just too rich to pass up. From Kotaku:

Note that the first question the police asked him was what his favorite video game was. He replied, GTA. Guess, the cops learned that line of questioning at the Academy, right after the class “Blame Gaming 101.”
When is this incessant bull shit battering of Grand Theft Auto going to end? Stop f***ing blaming it on the damn game. You may want to, I don't know, blame the people responsible for this incident. I am no expert, that is just a hunch.

I am sure Jack Thompson will be take this case. You know, since he is no longer part of that Alabama one. (Yes I know the boy is not going to be charged, it was a joke.)

I would also like to know who lets their eight-year-old play a M (17+) rated game anyways. From the mother's quote, she clearly knows about GTA. Maybe she should be charged, or fined, or something. Clearly this could have ended in serious tragedy, and gladly it did not.

I am sorry Matt, but that tops the 76-year old door-to-door breast doctor for the day's example of human stupidity.

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