E3 2006: What Will Never Be

No, no E3 news here. I won't be breaking any thrilling news in the world of gaming this year. It is a real shame too. Not unless someone wants to fly me to LA and put me up in a hotel for free, it is not gonna happen this year.

I am pretty steamed about it too. I just know this year's E3 is going to be great. I want to get my hands on the Revolution, the DS Lite, etc, etc. I would love to see first hand the PS3 and Xbox 360 software.

I had a chance to, too. Being the Blogcritics Gaming Editor gets me in the door to all the great stuff at E3, but I don't have the money to go. A couple people have told me they spend over $1000 on the flight, hotel, and food, and I believe it.

Take for example when you go to the movies these days, you know. They try to sell you this jumbo drink, 8 extra ounces of watered down cherry coke for an extra 25 cents. I don’t want it. -- Jimmy Buffet
So I will be sitting here in Ohio watching the videos, visiting the PR site, waiting to hear all the fun stuff. Yay.

And I could have been there. Being broke sucks.

This ends the obligatory "you should feel sorry for me" blog post for today. Check back tomorrow and Ken might recite even more great Buffett quotes.

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