I Am Turning 28 On Monday

Monday, the 24th, is my 28th birthday. Yay me. I will be heading home in a little while so I leave the site in Matt's hands (BWA HA HA). Please don't brake anything.

Now, if you wish to send me a present, I would suggest the GP2X Power Supply, GP2X Custom Joystick Cap, or the GP2X Screen Protector (I sense a theme here).

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I got you a hooker. Hope that's cool with your folks. She'll be there tomorrow around 3-ish. Depends how long her first few calls last.

Got a discount on her too. Some dude named Earl gave me a coupon, so I went for it. She's 6' 4, 450 pounds, but she did drop 10 pounds this week. I guess she shaved.

Have fun, and please DO NOT let me know how it turned out. Ever. Spaz.

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