In Defense of Wii

I often find myself in the position of having to explain why Nintendo's latest move isn't stupid. Why not -- I'll pick up that task again today. Wii isn't a bad name.
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I could not have said that better myself. In fact, what Chris wrote is exactly what I have wanted to put down in digital ink for a day now. "Viva la Wii."

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Viva La Wii is stupid and your entire post lacks any kind of fact. It's just sort of, "It's right because I say it is, look here's somebody else who says it is." Come on Ken, there had to be at least one good quote in there that would defend your side.

How did I know you would be the first to comment.

"Viva La Wii" is geeky and even you said at the same time I did. That is why I posted it.

Furthermore, I don't have time currently to draft an article pro Wii right now, so I linked to this one. There are a lot of quotes in there that I like. Maybe I will pull them out later. But first I have other writing to do.

That still doesn't mean you couldn't have used a better quote from the article in your post. The article does makes some good points. Points that can be defeated, but points none the less.

Oh fucking grow up man. You read the fucking thing. It has some fucking good quotes in it. I will fucking add them later. Now go fuck off.


Hey calm down there Tiger, that'll get you in shit.

And Ken I didn't mean to be a dick about it, i'm just saying that to me, that doesn't appear to be a good quote.


Ha ha. I just wanted to see the response.

Ha ha. I just wanted to see the response.


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