Jack Thompson... comes out?

As usual, Jack Thompson has been trolling Gamepolitics.com (after being banned 30+ times), spouting off racist comments, insults, and hiding behind the bible. Apparently, he's finally coming clean as to why he's a nutjob. This is interesting for multiple reasons:

1. In a roundabout way, he's blaming his sister's breast cancer on the video game industry. Let's be clear - breast cancer is tragic, and even though she's related to Jack, here's wishing her the best. The thing is, it really has little to do with anything in his story. He's simply milking a family member to make his point because everything else he's tried has failed miserably.

2. It could be a trap. Jack is getting personal, and with a letter to the FBI in an attempt to get them to investigate the site (since the comments always rip apart his theories), this could be the fuel he needs to make some case. The replies will be heated, though the thought of an FBI investigation is hysterical.

3. His old angle wasn't working. His questions to Hal Haplin in a brief Q & A session were surprisingly civil, and this letter continues that. His new image may be a last gasp at getting us to change our ways after name calling, religion, and letter writing didn't do anything. This won't work either because we already know he's full of it.

Regardless of why he did it, here's the letter in its entirety, including another brief excerpt at the end that flows with the rest of it:


When I married the love of my life, I got in that blessed transaction more than I bargained for. I got another family—my wife’s parents and siblings—in addition to my blood relatives, and I have grown to love them beyond words. They love me back more than I deserve.

My biggest “fan” in all that I have done against the entertainment industry, and against their lawyers, is my wife’s younger sister, Pamela Claire. She lives in the Midwest with her loving husband and their two children. Pam often sends me news of the entertainment industry’s latest assault upon her children’s world. One Christmas holiday, Pam’s son returned from a neighbor’s house, at the age of 12, saying “Mom, Jimmy and I had sex with a prostitute and then killed her to get our money back!” My sister-in-law’s “mistake” was to let her son go to a neighbor’s house. Take Two, the maker of the Grand Theft Auto game which he played with his friend, couldn’t care less about its reckless assault upon children, stealing their innocence behind their parents’ backs, behind Pam’s back. She was angry. She asked me to act on her anger. I have.

Pam wants me, for all the parents out there who are being ambushed by Rockstar’s child molesting games, to stop Take-Two. With Pam’s encouragement and by God’s grace, we are well on our way to do just that. This is why for 18 years I have done what I do. There are all sorts of “Pams” out there. They often write and thank me. Pam always thanks me.

Pam was diagnosed with breast cancer several years ago. She beat it. Until now. It is back, I learned this morning, and it is in her chest cavity. She has started the chemo—again. We don’t know what will happen, but with Pam’s blessing I am writing you, my enemies, to tell you all something.

Pam wants me to let you all know—all of the scoundrels who seek to harm me and what I do—video game companies, vigilante video gamers who celebrate their “pixelante” status by threatening to kill or otherwise harm me with Bar complaints and other childish abuse, including now the sale of “Jack Thompson Toilet Paper” at a video game site, ethically-challenged, self-righteous entertainment industry lawyers, politically-motivated judges who forgot why they took their oaths of office in Alabama and elsewhere, Constitution-shredding Bars, the whole lot of you, that she wants me to win all my battles against all of you and thus against the porn and the violence distributed to children that you facilitate. Pam knows why I do what I do, and she knows the price I have paid. She prays for me, and she prays against you. That is a frightening prospect. This woman makes Lance Armstrong look like a wimp. The prayers of a righteous woman availeth much.

The price I have paid for what I do is not even close to the price Pam has paid to try to keep on living, so that she can raise and protect her children as best she can. The price she has paid does not match , however, to the price our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ paid for all of us on a Cross. She knows that. When she was first diagnosed with breast cancer, she cried out “Lord why me?” Quicker than I would have, Pam got to the point of literally saying to God, “Lord, why not me?”

I love my sister in law. She loves me. She has always encouraged me to fight on, against all of you. She is my hero. She is my role model. I will not let her down.

I now dedicate this fight, this “culture war” in which I am privileged to serve as a foot solder—to her, to Pamela Claire, my sister in law who has never given up.

If some of you have been dismayed and/or amused by my persistence and by my willingness to “pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe” to win the war I am in, then please know that “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”

You will not be pleased by what I am now willing to do, that is legal and proper, to win this fight. This has never, ever been about me, although all of you have always tried to make it about me. But suddenly this is even bigger than it was. The reality of death, of the preciousness of life, of what some women are willing to do to protect their young, has always inspired me, but it inspires me far more this day.

It was the women who never left the side of Jesus, when the men fled. The women in my life, including Pam, have never ceased to encourage me, despite the sinner that I am.

Thus, what I do henceforth in all of this is now, more than ever, I do for Pam.

Most sincerely, Jack Thompson

Jesus said: "If the world hates you, realize that it hated me first.”

Joseph said to his brothers: “What you intended for harm, God has used for my good.”

For the same reason that Jesus excoriated, with his tongue, the Pharisees. You obviously don't read the Bible. You think Christians are supposed to be doormats for lying thugs like you pixelantes. Wrong. Read the Bible. Read what David did and said. Grow up.

Jack Thompson

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Jordan Fouts:

I've got this theory on how Jack really got his start, sister-cancer stories aside. There's this episode of CSI: Miami ("put glasses on, deliver inanely stupid line, remove glasses and stand with hands on hips") all about this video game company guy using his bankrobber game to get college kids to rob banks. I bet Jack, a Caruso fan since NYPD Blue (the loss of Caruso to the show probably started Jack off the deep end), saw that episode and got an idea for finally gaining the orange-haired one's attention and, ultimately, affection.

We're on to you now ya bastid!

Hey Mattie, how about a link to his comment.

I didn't want to put it in the article for fear it would be deleted and then I'd have to switch it out later. However, it's still up, so here it is:


Holy hell do I hate Live Journal's comments system.

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