My First Podcast

Yes, my first podcast. Be afraid, very afraid. Hide the women and childred. This evening I recorded my first podcast with JD, or Podcast Editor at Blogcritics. Originally I had planned on a full review of Oblivion, and a discussion on how the Xbox Live Arcade games are not getting the attention they deserve.

In practice we talked about Apple's Boot Camp and what it means to Mac gamers, as well as the future for Apple computers. And I pulled off a rather good impression of a blabbering fool, and general Oblivion fanboy. I hope that editing can help it out. Oh, Josh brought up the price and we got into a little discussion of the PS3 too.

Depending on the guests for this upcoming Monday's cast, it might be in two segments: one on tech. and one on Oblivion.

Things never seem to go as they are planned, and I had no idea it would be that hard to cram so much into a 10 minute segment (even 20 minutes of recording time is nothing when discussing a game, or tech. news).

So be sure to catch yours truly sound really dumb next Monday on BCRadio, Still, it was fun and something I will continue to do. After a few I think they will start to sound decent. Once I get used to the time aspect, and not stumbling over Josh, I think I will be set.

Next week I will be reviewing the GP2X, a Korean handheld that runs Linux, and emulates all those great consoles and computers of our childhood. I will also have my Oblivion review up by Monday to coincide with BCRadio.

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