Sci-Fi Channel Original Review: SS Doomtrooper

False hope is an awful, awful thing. It's about the only thing SS Doomtrooper provides too. An opening aerial dogfight is the film's highlight, and easily one of the best all time special effects sequences in the history of Sci-Fi Channel movies. The rest of them on the other hand, well, they're going to rank down there with junk like Gargoyle.

The unique setting (though not original) puts this creature feature in World War II. Taking a key from video game classic Wolfenstein, the Nazis have fooled around and created an ugly monstrosity to destroy American troops. This breed of super soldier is the bane of the film, being both its purpose for existence and the critical flaw.

Things go downhill so quickly, any of the thrill, enjoyment, or intensity of that initial airplane battle is lost. It's set up as pure camp, yet changes in tone so often, it's hard to figure out what the writers were going for. There's some attempt at emotion when characters are picked off, absurdly funny dialogue to counter that, only to bring things back down in an attempt to create a serious war movie.

Action sequences are like what we've been treated to for years now. The shaky camera is seriously getting old. There's also little care for the setting. Numerous shots ruin any immersion in the WWII timeline, and the backgrounds tend to look a little too modern for the 1940s (along with a forest that's become a locale for a handful of Sci-Fi Channel movies).

The over-the-top clich├ęd characters are another attempt to camp this one up, but again, their styles, attitudes, and dialogue are never consistent. Even a little care in keeping this one ridiculous would have helped the viewer ignore these special effects, which are absolutely inexcusable. The creature design itself is a failure, let alone how it's presented.

It's an obvious knock off of the Hulk, just with purple skin and a machine gun on its arm. The CG never blends with the background, only causing things to stick out painfully in every shot. Low budget or not, these never should have been put on a screen in an attempt to entertain anybody.

With mild potential that's never capitalized on, SS Doomtrooper is another massive failure. There's not enough work focusing on the hilariously cheesy concept which is where Doomtrooper could have made itself memorable. Let this one die a death alone, where it will be forgotten and not exposed to any more people.

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