Strange Mysteries Of The Where's George Post

You may recall me posting this on March 24, 2004. Then again, maybe you don't, I remember it as if it were yesterday. Why you ask? Because every couple days I get a new comment from someone who posts their WG serial number to my blog. It has become a phenomenon on Breaking Windows, and something that Matt and I have had many a laugh because of. I got this following letter yesterday:


I know this is an unorthodox request, but the thread you have about Where's George? has dozens of serial numbers posted in the trackback section. People without the actual bills are taking these serial numbers and entering them on the site, causing lots of fake hits and entries on the site. I have no idea why people are posting them in your thread, as that makes little sense, but it's causing a problem on my end with lots of fake data and hits. Could you either edit or delete the posts to remove or mask the bill serial numbers (like is done on the WG site)? And in addition, it might be a good idea just to lock the thread so people stop posting serial numbers.

-Hank Eskin
Where's George?
I would like to apologize to Hank. I didn't know it was causing any harm. But this is just the icing on the cake, and makes it even more hillarious. I have deleted all of the serial numbers, and have closed comments on that thread. They had to see a hell of a lot of hits from to even investigate. That in itself is staggering.

The joke is over. We will have to find something else to keep us laughing here at Breaking Windows. Something tells me that we will not have to look far.

I could have just deleted all the posts. Sure, that would have been the easiest (and less time consuming) thing to do. But this is educational, as Matt himself put it: People ask me why I have no faith in humanity. I can now point them to this thread and that last post for my reason. Yes Matt, make that the entire thread. This page has been indexed in Google and must stand for eternity for people to see just how stupid funny this little incident is.

As we have just past the two year anniversary for that fateful WG post, I figured I would pull some choice comments. Some from Matt, and some from people who actually have a clue! Enjoy.

Paint me confused as to why people are posting this info here instead of at the wheresgeorge site... -- Matt Paprocki

People ask me why I have no faith in humanity. I can now point them to this thread and that last post for my reason. -- Matt Paprocki

Ok look. IF YOU GET A BILL WITH WWW.WHERESGEORGE.COM ON IT, GO TO THAT WEBSITE! You don;t have to ask here what to do with it! Just go to the site for the rest! You don't need permission!
I have to go take a leak now. Where do I go for that? -- David

OK... if you get a bill labeled you need to go to that website and register (for free) and log your bill in. You SHOULD NOT be entering the year and serial number on this webpage...this causes false hits (people pretending they have this bill in hand) and poor Hank...the king of all kings for has to weed through them and delete them.
Try the's not as confusing as some people seem to think! -- Jaybee

SImply stated, People are fucking idiots. Most all the Wheres George stamps tell you what to do on the damn bill. Its amazing that these people dont forget to breath occasionally and die. -- Jason

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The "forget to breathe" comment is by far the winner, and easily one of the best on the entire site.

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