The Breaking Windows List of the 10 Most Offensive Words or Phrases

Since "Ouch" has their own list of offensive words, it's time to set up a list of 10 words and phrases that I find offensive; the type that should be eliminated forever to ensure that NO ONE is ever offended again. These are the pinnacle of offensive language, and anyone with a heart condiā€¦ err, person with less than adequate blood pumping abilities should not be reading this upcoming list.

1. Atari Jaguar
2. Mac user
3. Donkey raping shit eater
4. The
5. Canada
6. Religion
7. Denver Broncos
8. Episode I
9. Jack Thompson
10. Oh snap

Thank you for your time an attention to this matter. All lawsuits and hate mail should be directly sent to the video game editor at He loves dealing with that stuff, and you really, really don't want to piss me off with politically correct rhetoric.

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oh snap this denver broncos fan loves the atari jaguar, jack thompson and the donkey raping shit eating religion.

just kidding great list oh and i hate the broncos


Hey, I like the Jaguar. Please provide your address so I can sue you. Thank you for your attention.

5. Canada

Things I'd like to never see on Breaking windows.

- Matt being a hippy
- Matt veinly reviewing games he doesn't under stand *cough* Shadow*
- Matt being a dirty hippy
- Clowns
- Male Male Spanking (invloving Matt, not the poster)
- Matt veinly trying to understand story-driven advetnures like Pheonix Wright (It's not your fault, You're from a red state so you're naturally slower)
- Matt responding to this comment


I was waiting for that comment Njiska. Though Matt will not get the ire of this Mac user. At least my computer can fricking record my voice out of the box.

Red state? Good one.

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