Tiny Ohio Town (Ravenna) Freaked Out By Mario Prank

Yes, Ravenna Ohio, my home town. Njiska alerted me to this article on Joystiq. Funny thing is, he had no idea Ravenna was my home town!

You can also read the story from the Record Courier, and this story from the Akron Beacon Journal.

The bomb squad, HAZMAT, Kent and Ravenna fire, Portage County support offices were all called in. This is going to cost Portage County a lot of money. All for some cardboard boxes! The crux is the girls may see criminal charges from the Portage County Prosecutors Office. How wrong is that, its an April Fools prank!

The quotes from the police chief are just priceless: "This game is evidently being played all over the country.”

This is a joke most people get. But in Ravenna, the bomb squad is called in. Yes, I am such a proud (Ravenna) Ohioan right now. I called my good friend who works at the Record Courier was not available for comment. Oh well. I will keep calling to see what, if anything, comes of this.

Placing the boxes on the steps of the Catholic Church in downtown Ravenna might not have been the brightest idea. Turning themselves in was a smart move though, I will give them that.

The "official" site of the mario question boxes even picked this story up, having this to say:

To clarify some of the points in the article: this is not a sinister 'game', it is supposed to be a comment on public spaces being routinely used for advertising (billboards, etc) but not for art (these boxes). Also, despite what Ravenna Police Chief Randall McCoy says, the purpose of these boxes is not "just to see what kind of response you get". It is to bring a smile to people's faces, to get them to connect with their neighbours, to bring colour into an otherwise grey urban landscape. Posterchild and myself are both deeply sorry that things are not working out in Ravenna.

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Geez, I just hope nothing bad happens to those girls. What's next, outlawing fireworks on independence day? after all, could be a terrorist nuke attack! :-)

Man, those boxes freaked them out but you living there all those years didn't? Weird.

If only I had the power to deduct Gamerscore points from your profile Matt, I would.

Jordan Fouts:

According to Ryan (the qwantz.com guy who posted the Mario block recipe), Jack Thompson weighed in on this and called Poster Child (the artist guy who originally started the blocks) a jerk. Just because him even weighing in on this should-be non-issue is hilarious.

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