E3 2006: TRITTON XA360 5.1 Headphones

TRITTON Technologies has introduced a headphone/headset combo that is compatible with a bevy of devices. From PlayStation 2/3, Xbox, and Xbox 360, to PC, Mac, and even DVD players, you will be able to experience Dolby Digital and Pro Logic sound separation in full 5.1.

The Audio Xtreme (AX) 360 is one of the industry's first high performance gaming headsets, giving you 360-degree surround sound. It will be available May 31st at $149.99 MSRP through TRITTON's distributor network. This includes the headset and an audio controller break out box that supports two headsets. A second headset can be purchased separately for $59.99 MSRP.

The AX360 connects to the console's optical port, but offers a coaxial Input for other devices. For an entirely immersive experience, the unit features eight strategically placed speakers, four in each ear cup, with full 5.1 channel separation. The external 5.1 audio controller amplifies each individual speaker to get your ears into the game. The AX360 also has inline controls to adjust front, side, rear, and subwoofer speakers, plus an integrated rumble effect.

"Game developers are releasing their best titles in 5.1 and Dolby Digital to add a whole new dimension to the gaming experience," said Chris Von Huben, president of TRITTON Technologies. "It is not just about being loud; it is also about the total quality and sound separation that transcends gaming nirvana."
Now you can forget your neighbors, friends, and even family, to focus on the bullets flying by your head. As if gamers were not antisocial enough already!

The AX360 has a removable microphone that is Xbox Live compatible, so there is no sacrificing a mic while playing your favorite online games.

With an optical input, and full 5.1 channel separation, the AX360 is sure to be a blast when it ships later this month. Gamers who pre-register before May 31st will receive a $20 rebate when they purchase the AX360. For more information, see the AX360's product page.

Also check back here at Blogcritics Breaking Windows shortly for a full review.

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