Movie Review: X-Men III

Actually, rather than review X-Men: The Last Stand, I have an interactive simulation of watching the movie for you to try at home.

1) Take all your X-Men comics, all your old classics and the new ones, and put them in a big pile. If you have copies of the cartoon or the first two movies, throw those on the pile as well.

2) Set the pile ablaze with some fantastic pyrotechnics -- sparklers, cherry bombs, roman candles, whatever you have. Say some cheesy one-liners as it all burns.

3) Once the flames die down, take a giant crap on top of the ashes. Bury the whole mess under ten feet of dirt.

4) Charge everyone $10 to see it.

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I couldn't agree more. When we finished the movie, I told my wife that somebody must have hired a team of writers with no previous exposure to X-men, gave them all a one paragraph blurb - mainly about their powers - and told them to knock themselves out.

My review never got finished because every time i tried to write it i just became filled with blood lust and immediately had to kill Brett Ratner. I applaud you for being able to actually put nearly 100 coherrant words together to describe that unholy abomination.

All i can say is Ratner really lived up to the fans expectations.

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