The Nintendo DS WiFi Community

KingKRool showed me The Nintendo DS WiFi Community site. Sign up, because they have a nifty script that will put your friend code on images, even generates BB code for you. See:

Now, because I am somewhat of a perfectionist, and things that don't line up in graphics bug the living shit out of me, and I cannot stand all 12 digits run together like that, I did this:

See, isn't that easier to read? And all it took was a little extra time in Photoshop. Granted, the script that handles this all automatically could not do that. But that's beside the point. That is one very nice looking signature, bravo to the code monkey who put that together.

The Nintendo DS WiFi Community has a lot to offer users. It has a forum, offers the image generation service seen above, has an Animal Crossing hub, a live room that lists connected DS users, a web arcade with 16 games, a Mario Kart DS Decal Maker, and a Animal Crossing: Wild World Pattern Maker .

For the live room to work you need have the Microsoft .NET Framework and the site's client installed. You will need Windows 98 or above and a resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher. The client will run at 800 x 600 but "is not very attractive at this resolution."

Editor's Note: I plan to add more when the site owners get back to me. I would like to add some history, and I need to install their client on my PC and take it for a spin. I will also have to tactfully state that Nintendo itself does not like people posting their Friend Codes. But I think you can guess where I stand on that. And when that is all done, this will go up on Blogcritics. So you can think of this as an unfinished draft that I have published here for your viewing pleasure. You are so lucky.

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