TRITTON AX360 Headphones First Look

One of the many products introduced at E3 this year was the TRITTON Audio Xtreme 360 Headphones.

I just received my review unit today. Setup was a snap. So far I have tested both Mission Impossible (Special Edition) and Condemned on my Xbox 360.

I should have a full review soon but I will leave you with this teaser.

The mic at first try does not work on the Xbox 360. It does say in the documentation that it works on Xbox Live. This may only mean the original Xbox. If so, that would be a shame. But I need to contact TRITTON about this.

I will have to measure the cord, but I can walk around my entire studio apartment without trouble. You won't be running out of cord at all. The optical cable that came with the unit is very short, so you would need to place the break out box very close to the Xbox 360 to use it. Luckily I have another optical cable.

Next to the lapel clip is a volume control. You can change (by 1 Db at a time) volume of front, rear, and center speakers. There is also a vibration adjustment. This vibration simulates the feeling of bass from a traditional 5.1 stereo system. It does an amazing job, but takes some getting used to.

At first I could not figure out why I was not getting base. The treble was not too high, but there was just no bass. I had to turn up the vibration control. I did not equate vibration with bass at first, but in the end it works as it would in the real setting if you had a speaker system.

The simulation works great. It is just a little odd to have your ears vibrating at first, when it is usually your stomach. But as I have said, I have gotten used to it over the course of watching the movie.

And what can be said about Condemned that has not already been said. But with the simulation of full 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound, the game is three times as good.

Please Note: This is not a full product review, this is a first look. I just got the product and have not spent enough time with it for a full review. Also, this is an unedited piece, because this is a blog, and blogs are unedited. I just wanted to get something down on paper.

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How about that full review? Are you still planning to do one?


Here is another review of the AX360 headphones.


Another good review of the AX360

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