TV Review: Sci-Fi Channel Original - Komodo vs. Cobra

Most Sci-Fi Channel disasters fall into the unbearable category. They're not funny, serious, or entertaining. Then something like Komodo vs. Cobra rolls along and you can only imagine being on the set as the actors spout off some of the most unimaginative dialogue ever put on film. This is a hysterically funny movie, whether intentional or not, and has every reason to become a classic for fans of horrible cinema.

Written and directed by Jim Wynorski, the same guy responsible for the long running Bare Wench flicks and a previous laugh-fest, Curse of the Komodo. Sadly, in this epic piece of low budget filmmaking, we're never told if this is the same Komodo from Curse, or if this is the one from the aptly titled Komodo. The snake is apparently a newcomer since Boa had his hands full in Boa vs. Python, or he's having digestive trouble after munching on Dean Cain in his self-titled picture.

If you can make any sense of that, you're officially a nerd. Welcome to the crowd.

Komodo vs. Cobra has it all. The cheap dialogue provides us with all the details we need in a knock-off creature flick. The army general responsible for genetic testing, characters spouting off nothing even resembling science, an island being blown up to cover up the military mistakes, and a group of insanely stupid special ops type guys who are eaten just as quickly as they're dispatched. Credit has to be given to Wynorski for inventing a gun with unlimited ammunition that the actors can fire at will without stopping to reload.

These people are shooting at the typical CG monsters, the slightly altered beasts in the title. The climatic showdown doesn't quite take on a King Kong vs. Godzilla scaleā€¦ ok, it's not even close. A few bites, a tail swap, and some napalm finishes this one in a draw. The special effects are expected: awful. The film wastes no time in showing off these abominations as we're treated to a chase in the opening minutes. You can only stare in awe as the Komodo can apparently glide over the grass without even touching a blade and the cobra rises from the water, not even causing a ripple.

The combination of supremely funny dialogue and special effects that are right about on par for a Sci-Fi flick (that's not a compliment) make this a rare one that can be enjoyable to the right audience. Seriously, the movie is called Komodo vs. Cobra. Is there anything else you need to know?

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