2000 mAh Power Pack for Nintendo DS

I bought this product from Lik-Sang, and was going to review it. I still might, but this is not a review. It is more like a rant. While the promise of a huge boost in battery life is a plus, the design is not so good.

When it works, it rocks. It doesn't add too much bulk to the already bulky DS. The problem lies with the fact that it is not secured well enough to the bottom of the DS. If the connection wiggles out, your game is toast.

You also have to toggle a switch to change from one battery to the other. You also have to remember to toggle this switch when charging to charge both batteries.

But 20 hours of play time does rock. Just don't bump your DS or it is lights out!

Luckily this thing was cheap. Maybe that should have been a warning sign.

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