Adobe To Phase Out FreeHand, GoLive

Adobe said that it will discontinue Macromedia Freehand illustration and and its own GoLive web design product, as the company simplifies its product line following the recent purchase and aquisition of Macromedia.
Source: MacNN

Thank God they are killing GoLive. And seeing as no one uses FreeHand anymore, that was an obvious choice too.

It's a shame, GoLive was a great product back when it was GoLive CyberStudio. It is obvious that Dreamweaver owns the market, and I am glad Adobe understands that too.

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Oh thank Allayh. I would've been deeply troubled if Adobe had been stupid enough to dump a strong brand like Dreamweaver. My question is will it be Adobe Dreamweaver or still bear the Macromedia moniker?

I would assume it will be Adobe Dreamweaver, and be part of the next premium CS suite. It will be interesting to see what features, if any, Dreamweaver has from GoLive.

My wish list? They could move over GoLive's QuickTime editing features, that was the best part of that app.

Adobe has done some dumb things in the past, thankfully they did the smart thing with Dreamweaver.

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