GP2X Mark II Review

Craig has a review up of the GP2X Mark II unit, the one shipping now. It has a different screen (some say it is better, others say worse) and a new joystick cap that is actually usable. That's quite handy, and would save you from buying one to actually be able to pull of fireball and dragon punches, for example.

Oh drat, I never wrote about the $15 joystick cap I bought from the US store. Yes it was expensive, but yes it was well worth it. I can't tell you how much I struggled with the original cap. I never knew until I put this new one on.

Luckily the Mark II unit comes with a similar cap to the one I purchased. This is the "mainstream" release, with firmware 2.0 installed. It has Vectar pre-installed too, so when you get the unit, it is not entirely a blank canvas.

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