G.R.A.W. Chapter 2 Content Note

This was quite annoying. I downloaded that 725 MB Chapter 2 DLC for G.R.A.W. last night. It took forever. When I fired up G.R.A.W. it told me it had a Title Update. So I updated it.

When I went to search for the new co-op missions, they were not there. So I had to download the Chapter 2 DLC again. Oddly it did not just go by quickly the second time like it usually does when you select "Download Again." That, of course, took forever.

Sure enough when I play G.R.A.W. now, the new content is in place, ready for me to play. The new maps are just gorgeous, but I expected no less.

I wonder why I had to do that, because downloading a 725 MB file twice is just annoying, it doesn't matter what the circumstances are.

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What, you think I would let a Good Thing slip by? Oh, and since you think I am such a "TRATIOROUS DOG" you might want to read my op-ed on this topic over at Blogcritics.

You are the bastard if you don't buy it. Come on. Everyone else is doing it.

Hey Ken some of your friends have gone fag, maybe you should hop on that band wagon too.

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