I Guess There is a Lesson Here for Us All

From the amazing Canadian who brought you Daily Dinosaur Comics, Whispered Apologies, the exhaustive list of Things That Don't Exist, RSSPECT, the OhNoRobot webcomic search engine, and a host of other good things: The Amazing Regret Index.

The concept, based on this comic, is simple: People post and vote on regrets, which are rated on a 0 to 1 scale. Regrets range from silly ("Finding out the Princess was in another castle" 0.89, "boobs" 0.02, "masturbating to a picture of yourself masturbating" 0.47) to sincere and bittersweet ("not bringing your camera" 1, "being pressured into a job instead of being a free spirit" 1, "agreeing to still be friends with your ex" 0.5).

Great way to spend a wistful and hilarious afternoon.

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