Jack Says He'll Sue For Calling Him Insane

While we never mentioned anything about it here on BW, Jack Thompson threatend Blogcritics with a lawsuit for a piece I wrote. In it, I called Jack insane. As such, the piece was edited even though it was perfectly within the realm of opinion, but that's another topic all together.

The irony? He sent a letter to the ESRB about their affiliation with Penny Arcade and said this about Patricia Vance and PA:

"You’re out of your mind to hire goofs at Penny Arcade, and the below proves it."

Hmm. Vance is out of her mind and Penny Arcade who donated money to charity when Jack refused per his own deal are goofs. Great double standard Jack. Glad to see you can dish it but act like a baby when it's sent back your way. Hooah!

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