Major Nelson: We Love Ya, Even If Some Don't Show It

Warning: The following is an angry rant. You probably won't like me when I'm angry, but I only rant when I know I'm right.

As such, the following piece would likely come up in a Google search when you're looking for certain types of porn (especially in Njiska's case). It should not be read by children, animals, or sponges. Especially not sponges. Those things are scary.

That disclaimer aside, let the ranting begin!

This is targeted to those whiny little babies over at Major Nelson's blog:

Shut. The. Fuck. Up.

I'm sick of your little bratty, spoiled asses moaning and groaning every time he posts something you don't want. Nobody wants to hear about how much you want Street Fighter when he posts new gamer pics for Lord of the Rings. For the love of god, quit saying that it takes people away from Street Fighter. Posting gamer pics doesn't have a damned thing to do with the guys working on Street Fighter.

Think I'm being harsh? How about this:

During E3 week when they offered hundreds of pieces of new content, these idiots still whined. While a few were polite and thankful to the Xbox team for all of the material, a few (okay, a lot) assholes bitched they didn't get the demos they wanted. Here's a small sampling of unedited comments to a post about the Lost Planet demo and countless videos:

"Hello? Uno? Texas hold'em?"

"Is it me or is the content filled E3 on xbox live not as big as the hype portrayed?"

"Ok, can we at least have one Arcade title come to the Marketplace, 'on time'?"

"Where The F*** are the points?"

"A blogging update? Dude, that has got to be the lamest thing yet."

These people are scum. Period. Don't even think about defending them. Major Nelson provides them with a service he doesn't need to. Microsoft provides them with content they were never promised, more so than any of the other companies. The final straw was this weeks post on the backwards compatibility update.

After a massive comments section when Peter Moore announced they were done, they got an update. What do these dickholes do? Bitch even more. And I quote (selected from 365 comments to date):

"what a waste."



"Yeah, but 90% of those games suck"

"Wow, POS list.'

"Seriously Mr. Nelson, you know how horrible the BC list is."

Beyond our nations apparent problem with caps lock keys, these people don't even listen. Multiple people posted how hard it was to make these work, and some games work on sheer luck or accident. Also, eventually, Bad Boys II would have been added in their attempt to make every game work. It doesn't matter if its now, later, or a week before they announce the console is dead.

Never mind logic to these bastards though. They could give a shit less. They'll cry until they get *insert obscure Xbox game no one plays here* updated, regardless of how long it took the BC team to get the current set of games running.

So, to finish, thank you Major Nelson. Many of us appreciate all the work you put into that blog. We like to get excited about new Marketplace content, regardless of what it is. We like to see this stuff when we wake up before we head off to work knowing when we get home we can enhance our already wonderful 360 experience. It keeps up coming back to the 360 as our other consoles sit and rot.

Ignore the little punks who wastefully choose to post comments. They are not deserving of your services or work. They're not even deserving of a 360. We have read and understand the problems this new technology can pose. They haven't and don't care to.

Keep it coming Major. We know what you do and truly do respect it.

Side note: Since it might be requested, I finally lost it myself during the BC thread. My comment was as follows:

My god are some of you people spoiled babies. They give us new videos, you *** about Street Fighter. They give us new icons, you *** about backwards compatibility. They give us backwards compatibility, and you *** about that. Putting up new Gamerpics HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING. It's not like they're taking people away from other features to put up a music video, so for the love of god, shut the hell up. Do you take everything for granted in real life? If you want to play your damn Xbox games that aren't supported, go buy an Xbox or code the things yourself. It's not hard people, at you seem to think that way. Can you ever be satisfied or will you just find something else to whine about? How about some decent discussion here instead of "wha wha whine whine?" Or is that just a dream at this point?

Comments (4)

I don't know what kind of porn you think i'm into Paprocki but it sure as hell isn't as censored as this rant.

Come on say it with me, Fuck. There wasn't so bad now was it? How bout just the kids now. FUCK.

Actually you make a good point, but the bottom line is, whiny bitches are whiny bitches. They permeate every facet of life and there's nothing you can do to stop them. Even when it's open season on shitheads you still can't get 'em all.

Oh and it should be "Where the fuck is Street Fighter, Capcom?"

These people should at least learn to place their criticism where it's warrented. SF II isn't out because Capcom is in capable of figuring out basic netcode, not because MS is holding it back. Fuck i wish these sons of bitches could learn that.

Face it Matt we're but a minority in the grand scheme of things. The jackasses of the web speak the loudest.

It is gonna be really bad when SF II finally is out and find out its SF without the Hyper Fighting. At least if that version is anything like the one that goes up on Marketplace.

Oh and you also missed an astrick in your comment, you needed four. MUA HA HA.

And Njiska, I'm glad he didn't use language to be honest. Overuse makes it worth nothing.

Yes over use does take away from it power. However i admit to being the fool and not noticing that his quotes from were previous censored anyways. That was my mistake.

Oh and speaking of swearing i'm going to assume those are the only wordss coming out of Matt's mouth after he checks in with GP today.

Ruh row! And a lot of them!

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