MT 3.2 Installed, TypeKey Comments Required

Movable Type 3.2 was installed successfully. Their upgrade process is getting better and better. Rebuilding the site takes much less time, so they worked on that for this update.

TypeKey authentication has been turned on. This means you cannot comment on Breaking Windows without first logging in. If this does not stop the comment spam, then I will have to get creative.

For those people who are going to bitch and moan about registered comments, think of it this way: your comments will not have to go through an approval process. I am NOT requiring your email address (an optional TypeKey feature) and I am NOT requiring you be on the "Trusted" list. If you have a TypeKey account, you can comment.

Signing up is simple, and signing into Breaking Windows is simple. If you are using a personal, and not lab, computer, then I even suggest saving your password. That way you rarely if ever need to see the TypeKey authentication page.

If this detours you from posting comments here, then that is your call. But that must mean you do not want to participate in the discussion badly enough. That is perfectly fine. But when spam comments start eating up precious hours in a day, the line must be drawn. And as LKM mentioned, [registered comments will] kill comments from stupid people, too.

There are plenty of other methods to combat comment spam, but the Movable Type comments CGI is a well documented and fiercely targeted script. Hardly a reason to hate the software. I just hate the spammers.

And quite frankly, I like the idea of registered comments.

Comments (3)

Wow. Moveable Type looks completely different. Definitely nicer to look at, and NO MORE MALE MALE SPANKING COMMENTS!

'Tis a day I will celebrate for a long time.

And people, don't bitch. Unless you want to delete more than 100 spam comments a day to help us out, just sign in. It takes 99% less time for you to log in than it does for us to delete all the bullcrap.

... and approve your comments. And hope we don't delete a legit one by mistake, something both of us have done.

Some of the spam comments are crafted in a way that take more than a simple glance to tell that they are in fact spam.

The MT 3.2 UI is very nice. It has a lot of feature improvements, as well as small but needed tweaks that just rock.

For example, when editing templates, there is not a "Save and Rebuild" button. Before you had to hit Save, and then hit Rebuild.

Nice stuff like that.

The Trusted thing is a joke though. It adds another layer on top of TypeKey. I guess I see the point, but it would have made much more sense if "Trusted" meant Name + Email.

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