My DS for sale, 2 games included!

My DS is up for sale on eBay. My shipping is cheap and you get two absolutely terrible... err, near classic games too! If you're looking for a DS, this is the best one on eBay*. Oh, and check my other auctions for horrible... err, near classic DVDs!

*Statement may or may not be true and could just the sellers way of pimping his own auction.

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OK, Matt, those two games are absolutely horrible. I heard the story about you buying the Atari Retro collection. But you bought Robots too?

I know you like to punish yourself with bad games and worse movies, but Robots?

You lie! You know those are the bestest games ever! How could deny the facts stated in this incredible review from Amazon on Robots?

"its preety cool but its really hard its okay though i kinda like it its and its fun."

Discredit that!


Well... I guess the current price of US $9.50 is fair for a DS, if you consider that you also have to take the Retro Collection and Robots along with it. The DS would have been worth more had you simply thrown those two... gems into the trash.

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