New Rhythmyx Percussion Training

Last week I got to see the new bells and whistles in the new version of Rhythmyx Percussion. I don't know the exact number, but I believe BGSU upgraded one full version cycle, I know it was an immense leap.

How immense you ask? Well the last time I used the system it used ActiveX and of course would not work on the Mac. You could do everything but have a nice article editor, because the editing bar was an ActiveX control.

The new version has been entirely written in Java. That is one heck of an upgrade if you ask me.

Not only is the interface streamlined, it actually makes sense now. The old interface, in contrast, was quite confusing to understand -- no matter if you were a novice or not.

Instead of a stupid ActiveX plugin for the editing, they now use EditLive! for Java 5.0 from Ephox, which is something I have a lot of familiarity working with at The BG News. EditLive! is a very robust editor.

I won't go into too much detail, but everything in the CMS is easier to do now. Thank heavens for this upgrade. There are about a half dozen things that used to take me 10 steps to do that now only take me two.

Yes. It is that nice.

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Of course, after I work for BGSU they change the system! I am so glad to hear that they finally updated that system (and to something so much better). I always found it amusing when sometimes it was faster to write the html (or do a lot of copy and pasting) then actually using the system. Does each screen still take a long time to load or did they improve the response time too?

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