Nintendo GolinHarris Booby-Traps DS Lite Press Boxes?

Yes, arrantly, they do. After what they did with the New Super Mario Bros. box, I am not surprised.

But I will have to wait until tomorrow to hear that glorious trumpet coming from my FedEx'd box. I have been told, by two GH folks actually, that I should get it then.

Don't hate me because I am one lucky SOB. Unless you are Njiska, of course.

And if you think I am going to take video of opening my DS Lite box, you are out of your gourd.

Comments (6)

You really are a son of a bitch.

And to make matters worse i've lost my own DS. So damn you and such.

Blame America "The South Park Remix."

I would gladly send you my old DS, but I need that for homebrew.

Sorry man. And no, you can't have my DS Lite that I don't even have yet.

Ah come on. Be a pal. You know i'd send you mine if the situation was reversed. Or at least the DS lite box filled with Semtex.

I'm commenting here, because your permalink for the Gmail post previous to this post isn't working. :-O

Search by label -


It works. :-P

Yea, MT was doing something odd. It didn't even put in the Category of Google. I will go fix that.

Yea I know I can search by "label:whateverlabelyouarelookingfor"

But I want to create a Filter for "is:unread" by the Label "BC Writers." Instead I have to key the filter on Subject or To.

Being able to key Filters off of Labels would be quite handy, for multiple reasons.

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