PSP Blue Screen Of Death

A (PSP) picture is worth a thousand words, right? Since this is Matt's PSP I will let him explain. But he told me he turned his PSP on after a couple days of not using it (not uncommon). He turned it on to update to 2.71, but he couldn't even get that far, as this is the first thing he saw!

Oh, and at first he could not find any English on the screen at all.

Click image for a closer look.

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Hey Matt. What the hell do you beat your PSP with, rock salt?

I prefer brillo pads. Definitely more effective.

Still, I honestly don't believe how bad it looks. Only one of the scratches is noticeable when I play. If that's how it looks when someone only takes it out of its case to play it, can you imagine what these things look like when a kid gets his hands on one?

As for the story, Ken pretty much hit it dead on. I turned it on, got the opening "Sony Computer Entertainment" logo, the color of the month backdrop popped up, and then this. I restarted it and tried again to the same screen.

I was worried I had lost my saves and I hadn't backed up in a while. What was forever lost were my basic settings, like date, time, router info, system name (Phillip Seymour Playstation... get it?), and wallpaper. After restoring that, things worked fine. I'll be trying a game here in a bit, and I can only hope it works. If it happens again, Sony's Indonesian/Chinese/Third World Country tech support will be getting a call.

Has anyone else had this happen to them?


hi i need help for my psp if someone can help my i have frick out


Hi my name is Nick and i have a great problem with my psp.When i open it a blue screen appears saying that its default settings are corrupted and it says that i have to press the circle button to repair the default settings,i do this but nothing happens,the blue screen is still there.I can't enter the recovery mode so to use the usb,i have used a different psp and i put in my memory stick an update,but nothing again!All happened when i tried to execute a flash theme,plz someone answer me because i don't want to loose my precious,plz helpppp.My mail is

Maybe call the phone number that came printed on the paper in the same box the PSP came in? Just a thought.

I mean seriously. If you haven't been able to get it working, then call tech support. That is what they are there for.

I have never gotten a PSP BSOD. Matt might be able to help you there. But "plz" call the tech support number.

And no, we will not email you personally.

Matt, any help from you?

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