PSP Plays Porn in School - A Fox News Story

Mainstream reporters seem to have a thing for portable video game systems. A few months after a mess of a story on Nintendo's DS, Fox 9 out of Minneapolis has apparently exposed a serious problem with Sony's PSP: It can show porn. Worse yet, it can show porn inside a school where innocent young minds will forever be warped by the mysteries of the internet.

It's not that the story is sensationalist. It is, with lines like "access porn out of thin air." That's not the real concern though. The problems start with a school having unrestricted and unsecured internet access. This should be the story, since the PSP merely performed an action the school apparently allows. With a connection like this, any computer in the school would have pulled the same information the game system did.

The second problem is the attitude of the school when asked about bringing video game systems to school:

"We need to put some structures in place to keep things honest."

Why is a "structure" necessary? Why are kids allowed to have a gaming device in class to begin with, and what type or irresponsible parent lets their child go to school with a $250 game console? Who's really at fault here?

The story continues by picking out a website tailored for the PSP, without saying what type of website it is. For all the reader knows, it could, a hugely popular video game website that has a small section tailored to the PSP's browsing capabilities and screen size. They take a quote saying that they have no idea what the age of visitors to the site is, which would likely be true for the majority of websites.

This manipulative piece could have exposed the schools internet security issues, which are far more dangerous and at fault than the PSP (or the kid who accessed the content). That's not the angle Fox 9 took. As such, parents will never know that the school is the one who made the mistake. They'll believe the PSP is the cause, because that's what Fox 9 wants you to believe.

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Man Satan's ass must be forzen because for once I agree with Sony.

Sony, the maker of the PSP, told us that parents should be responsible for monitoring the content their children are viewing.

Truer words that company has never spoken.

The total disregard for the schools own security measures is what really pisses me off more than anything. But not as much as the National Institute on Media and the Family, I don't think anything could top my hatred of them.

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