Reinventing The Gaming Addiction with 360 Achievements

The 360 achievement system gives the casual gamers and the hardcore gamers one more outlet of addiction. For years I have been playing games and occasionally beating the games but the end result is always the same: shelf the game for life. The 360 achievement system changes all that by making games full feature set more desirable.
Source: 2old2play

I have been meaning to post this for a while, as the site is right up my ally, "a web site for gamers over 25."

There is commentary for that to be honest. Gamers under 25 usually don't appreciate games like they should.


There is a very good point in this article. Achievement Points have brought back the high score. They have also brought back competitiveness. And in some cases, Matt this one is for you, these Achievement Points have taken over people's lives.

CodeMonkey presents a complete look at the Achievement Points system, from developer to gamer.

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I have a life outside Achivement Points. I mean come on, I don't play games I hate...

Now where did that Tony Hawk Wasteland disc I just got go?

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