Storms of the Century

Or not, but last night we had one hell of a weather blast. It started with an ominous green sky, which in basic terms means "you're screwed." While I'm sure they see them often in Oklahoma and other states in the tornado belt, I only remember seeing one one other time here in Ohio, and that memory was vague. I wish I had a shot of the radar, because it was by far the largest and most concentrated line I've ever seen.

The tornado sirens hit about 7:30, and trying to get three dogs, a guinea pig, and three ferrets safely into one area where they won't all kill each other is a rather interesting process (more so when one of your dogs is terrified of basements). The warning lasted until a little after 8. That was the end of the first line, and in all honesty, the second line we got blasted with was worse. The thunder and lightning was incredible. A house a few streets down a bit got a tree through their roof. Streets had flooded all over the place, though we we lucky enough to avoid that.

Franklin Park Mall, a real upscale "I'm better than you" type place got flooded after they spent millions about a year back building it up. One of the anchor stores apparently pushed everyone out of their store, but not into the mall. No, the manager forced them OUTSIDE. One of the newstations took a call on-air from a 'slightly' angry parent who needed to be cut off after callining the manager a bitch.

Channel 13 (local ABC) stayed on for seven straight hours, and constantly telling people not to call them to complain about missing Prime Time programming. Look, I know it's annoying if you're not dealing with the weather they're discussing, but people need to know where the floods are and what damage they're causing. It's common sense.

Lacking in common sense was one of the reporters who said that if your power went out and you couldn't watch TV, you could log onto their website if you have a laptop with a good battery. What she failed to explain is how the router or modem would work without electricity.

That said, there are some fanatstic photos up from last night on 13's website. There are a few real eerie ones of the approaching sky. Once the green sky passed up over, it was black. You couldn't even see the rain falling in the yard. When the first batch cleared and gave us a half hour to breathe, our backyard was nothing but a lake.

That's dried up thankfully, but a lot of people still have problems. My buddy Mike is an apartment manager and he had nine apartments flooded when he went in this morning. Worse yet, we're looking at ANOTHER batch of storms headed are way. They're saying they'll stay to our South, but we'll still get heavy rain and storms.

I can't wait... or not.

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