The Final Word on Double Posting

Today was the last straw. I was thinking of still double posting, but today I have had it.

I had to make an edit, thanks to the eagle eye of Jordan (thanks) on the BW version and the yet-to-be published BC version of my latest entry in the discussion between Matt and myself on Xbox 360 BC.

Edits happen after the fact on Blogcritics and I would still have to edit both to make them in sync.

Of course when I saved, it pinged both links I added, even though I told it not to. So both Major Nelson's podcast post, and the Gamerscore Blog post got trackback pings from me. I don't want that. I don't need that publicity for BW.

Here is another example of what I do not want. For one, I do not need the spike in bandwidth. That gets costly. Secondly, Gaming Editor, Blogcritics looks a hell of a lot better (meaningful) than Blogger, Breaking Windows. Third, I do not feel the need to pimp my blog every change I get. Forth, I put Blogcritics before Breaking Windows. Firth, I want to separate the writing I do for Blogcritics from the "bloggy" posts I put here on Breaking Windows. Sixth, if you still do not understand why we are doing this, then there is no hope left for you.

If you stop reading our work because of this, you are missing out, and you can blame no one else but yourself. I really do not see what is so difficult to understand here. Or why everyone one (of four I think) has been against us not double posting.

If you cannot tell I am very much pissed off at this, and should have made this decision a while ago. Why I even brought it up for discussion is beyond me. I guess I was felling nice that day. Now I am just being an ass hat (if it helps you to think of me that way, fine by me).

Here, let me help out: If everyone stops reading Breaking Windows tomorrow, it will save me a lot of bandwidth. I will still have the readers at Blogcritics. If that sounded arrogant, that was the point.

OK, done with that. Being a dick is fun. And if you think I am being at all serious here, you obviously don't know me very well. I am serious about double posting though. I just made my last double post.

Oh, and sorry for the server down time. I have no idea why it has been happening, but it has coincided with me rebuilding MT. So I believe my host is killing the script for some reason. Why this has never happened in the three year history of this blog is beyond me.

Oh and seven, Matt and I would like to have more time in our day. Thanks!

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Well have fun with that. Aside from basically ignoring the little community here, i still think it's a bad idea. Expecially since blog critics has a shitty, shitty layout. Dear god is that hot topics section annoying

Anyways i want to see if Matt's commented on Jack's assassin's statment so now i need to go to BC and dig around there. It's only been a day so if it exists it should be easy to find. Otherwise it's a bitch.

Thanks, Ken.

I'm no fan of BC format either, but we'll link to what we do over there here on BW. You won't have to search anything. And no Thompson stuff yet. I have a few ideas though... don't worry.

Sorry for the inconvenience everyone. Especially to you, Njiska :P

Matt and I have mulled this over for a while, and I have personally been thinking about it for some time before that. It was not a decision made on a whim. Double trackback pings was the last straw, and was something I had forgot about. But it is something I hate.

I too like to search BW, as it is smaller than BC. I will still be posting headlines here for that purpose. Sure, the contents of the reviews will not be searchable here, but the headlines will.

The benefits of double posting did not outweigh the drawbacks, not by a long shot. It is a shame the benefits were directly related to you all reading our stuff here at BW. But I have explained my reasons.

We are far from the first Blogcritics to do this, and we won't be the last. As Blogcritics gets bigger, we all need to change how we do things.

If you notice, I am writing more for Blogcritics now, and have been for a little while now. I really like that. I will take more writing over more "office work" any way.

That is the end goal here, anyways, we all want to write more.

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