Generating reports of Xbox 360 Achievements and Gamertag data has become a cottage industry overnight! Matt sent me a link to So far it offers the most ways to slice and dice the data. It offers a lot, so go check it out.

I do have two complaints about the site. The first being Hidden Achievements (a feature of the Achievement Points system I do not particularly care for). My email to the site's owners was hastily returned. Very thorough responses too! I think the Secret Achievements, like the Golden Bird Achievement in Condemned, would be a nice stat to look up.

In regard to the secret achievements, that data currently is not provided to us, but we hope to get that data in the future from Microsoft. However it is unknown at this point if we will get it since the achievements wouldn't be 'secret' if everyone that had access to the data feed from microsoft could just publish the list of secret achievements on their website.
My second quibble is with the "Games Played" stat. Here is the answer to that.
As far as it showing that you only played 33 instead of 45 games, that is because our feed from Microsoft only contains your most recently played 16 games. If you happened to play more than 16 games before your gamertag was added to our system, then we wouldn't have any visiblity to the other games unless you happened to play one of those games again. This is another issue we are trying to resolve with Microsoft or come up with a workaround.
And now I have a third issue. There does not seem to be a way to link directly to your Gamertag info page on their site. I will have to ask about that. I asked if they could put a parameter in the URL, and they already have that built in, just add ?gamertag=Meancode, like this.

At any rate, thanks to Jim for the quick answers.

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