Adobe targeting traditional designers with GoLive CS3

Adobe will take its GoLive Web site authoring software in a new direction when it releases version 9 as part of Creative Suite 3 next year, insiders have tipped off Think Secret. Having acquired Macromedia and its Dreamweaver application, which Adobe will continue to develop and target at professional Web designers, GoLive's focus will shift towards providing traditional graphic designers with a means to easily deliver their creations on the Web.
Source: Think Secret

Take it that this is Think Secret, but this "news" would be music to my ears. Because I don't want to see Dreamweaver destroyed.

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The basic idea seems sound. Some of my pals use Golive for their hobbyist sites, and it works well for them. It's simple, and making links is fun :-)

I never liked Dreamweaver. It seems convoluted and ugly, especially on a Mac. But I write html in BBEdit when on the Mac, anyway.

Either way, both apps target different audiences already, but I'm not sure how long Adobe will keep two applications which are so similar in their arsenal. I guess it depends on how quickly they manage to differentiate the two apps, and whether both find an audience.

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