Adobe To Phase Out FreeHand, GoLive -- Revisited

Several online Web sites have posted information in the past couple of days stating that Adobe Systems will discontinue development and support for two of its products: GoLive and Freehand. Adobe says the reports are not correct and the products are not being discontinued.
Source: Macworld News

I posted about this earlier, from a MacNN story.

Rob Griffiths sent me an email Friday about the story on Macworld, as he saw my post on Breaking Windows. Oddly, both the Macworld and MacNN articles source the same post on the French site MacGeneration.

Of course Rob believes the Macworld story, as he works for Macworld. This is quite peculiar however, how two news sources can come to two very different conclusions from the same source. I am not sure which article is correct, and which one is not.

I am going to email Jim Dalrymple at Macworld and whoever the editor is at MacNN to see what is going on here.

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I am going to email both Jim Dalrymple at Macworld and MacNN to see what is going on here.

Are there two Jim Dalrymples? :-)

If you read the original french story, you'll see that it says that a representative of Adobe claimed that FreeHand and Golive were being "abandonned" (so it was never an official Adobe press release or anything, either, and not "discontinued", just "abandonned", so future development will go towards Illustrator/Dreamweaver and the CS, but they'll keep selling all four products).

This actually does not really contradict Adobe's position that the products aren't being discontinued.

So... Only time will tell.

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