Hitman: Blood Money Impressions

Hitman has been a great series. Contracts wasn't the best, but since I got it free with my Alienware rig, I played it too. Blood Money adds so much depth. The notoriety system and accidental deaths are great additions to the series. You have to be smart with your money. If you are sloppy, you can bribe officials and witnesses.

The graphics in the 360 version are top notch. This is most apparent in the Marty Gras level "The Murder of Crows." The streets and balconies are lined with hundreds of people. It is quite a sight.

With an emphasis on stealth, this stealth-action game delivers on every level. It is a shame the demo held your hand every step of the way, it might as well given you a blow job too. The game itself is very unforgiving. The offset is the shear number of ways to complete any given objective. This freedom is heightened further in Blood Money more so than in previous installments.

So far my favorite "accident" involved rigging the grill with lighter fluid. You can imagine what happened when a specific someone tried to use it. Evil? Sure. But quite effective.

Plus, it was an accident.

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