iPod Shuffle Replacement Found

While helping Jordan find a dirt cheap PC laptop, I found a replacement for my iPod Shuffle. A 2 GB Kingston DataTraveler USB pen drive will fit the bill quite nicely -- on sale for $55 at Circuit City.

Why they see the need to put all this crap software on these things is beyond me. It has all this U3 software pre-installed, plus more I can download from the site! Oh boy, I'll go do that right now.

A whopping 45 MB of software is was on my Kingston drive. What is the purpose of this crap? There is also a virtual CD that mounts with the pen drive, it has an EXE on it to install this U3 software. Absolutely worthless.

Who knew buying a USB pen drive would net you as much crap to uninstall as buying a name brand PC laptop.

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