Jack Thompson on Uncyclopedia

Lots of immaturity between some priceless stuff like:

"In 1985, he successfully sued Mario for telling kids to eat shrooms and jump on turtles. Jack Thompson was awarded 500 gold coins from the lawsuit."

"In 1991, he successfully sued Kirby for promoting homosexuality, due to the fact he was pink and he liked to suck stuff."

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You forgot this one:

"He mated with Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris did not call him the next day."

* Thompson: "OMG GAMES SUX" * Gamer: "(Insert well thought out and correct argument here)" * Thompson: "OMG UR RONG UR A MORON! OMG I'M LATE FOR MY MASTURBATION SESSION TO BLUES CLUES, GOTTA RUN!"

We've both dealt with that one.

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