Limited Or No Connectivity

I hate Windows. I think that is well known by now. This is why.

Out of the blue, my Dell laptop will not connect to my wireless network. The last time Sophos was updated was 7:23 on 7/26, so I assume that is the last time the machine was on the network. I know Windows auto updated at that time too.

Now I have a full signal, and "Excellent" connection, but "Limited Or No Connectivity." When Googling this, I find so many links to ways to solve this problem.

That is never good. I see a lot of talk about this being a problem when XP SP2 is installed. This had that on it when I bought it.

I am trying to use System Restore to restore to the 18th, the last System Checkpoint. It has been sitting at the same spot, about 80% done on the progress bar, for at least 30 minutes.

I think my PC is FUBAR now. I hate Windows.

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Ken Edwards:

Then my Xbox 360 would not get on the network, then my Macs wouldn't either. Oddly, they were all working just fine, just not the PC.

I called Time Warner. Internet was working, but not getting past my Linksys router. It might be dead.

Right now I have the Cable modem hooked into my AirPort Express (I love that thing) and so my G5, PowerBook, Dell, and Xbox 360 are all hapily back on the Internet.

Maybe it is time to chuck the wired Linksys router all together. The only thing I had that was wired was the PS2 and original Xbox. And those devices just collect dust.

I still hate Windows, by the way. "Limited Or No Connectivity" was not the problem. None of the answers I found via Google helped either.


Wow, this is weird. My dell laptop just started behaving in the exact same way. Excellent signal strength and limited/no connectivity. I have a Latitude D610 and a Netgear router, which is what I suspect is the problem, as well.

That's a pretty weird coincidence.


All of my experience with the limited/no connectivity have to do with DHCP. Usually that error means that while your laptop is connected to your wireless network, it can't get an IP address. This most commonly happens to me when...(drum roll)...I'm using a Linksys wireless router. I have found that if you reboot your router, the problem is solved. There is some sort of hangup with handing out the IP addresses every so often.

Tony that is quite odd. What is even weirder though is the fact that my two Macs we having no problems at all using the network, or the Internet.

This is actually the first time I have seen this "Limited Or No Connectivity" error. And from the looks of it, I should count myself lucky.

The AirPort Express is doing the job now, so I don't plan on using the Linksys any more. I guess it is a good thing I installed that AirPort cart into my G5 after all ;)

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