MCM News Update 07-24-06

Wow, it has been since September 12, 2005 since I last posted something on MCM. It makes you wonder if it even still exists! Well, it does, don't worry about that.

I am actually very busy. Web hosting is going well, as I am hosting 31 domains (pick your flavor!) right now. In recent months, four or five new ones were added. This allowed me to purchase a larger plan with more bandwidth and more file space. More is always better!

I am hoping to finish up (this week if possible) a redesign of the NORWELD site. I am also currently working on a new site for GoodLife Inc., as they currently do not have one.

Beyond that, I have been working with some past clients -- updating existing sites and discussing the addition of others.

And the big news, which I have been keeping under my hat for a week now, is that I was offered a job at X2GO in Toledo. I don't want to get into any specifics of it just yet, but so far there is nothing in writing, it is merely verbal at this point. But they did offer, and I did accept. I will wait to celebrate until the ink is dry, as they say.

What will this mean for Meancode Media? It would mean I would be scaling back projects, that is for sure. Right now I am working as many hours as humanly (inhumanly?) possible to get my current projects "out the door" and get ready for the new gig.

More on the new job soon. Hopefully as soon as this week.

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