PSP NCAA 07 Bugged

After last years fiasco with Madden on the PSP (the game would lock up everytime after a franchise game in week 2 and they recalled it a week before Christmas), you would think they would learn.


This years debut of NCAA on the PSP has an unbelieveable, impossible to miss glitch. I don't have the game yet to test this, but it's been confirmed by everyone, including IGN who re-did their review. Why is it impossible to miss?

How can testers not see that when a runner is touched on a running play, that's where the ball is spotted? Clarification: Not tackled, touched. In other words, if you break a tackle say 2 yards in the backfield, and run for 20 afterwards, the ball is considered down in the backfield. EA's response?

"During running plays the ball will be spotted at point of first contact where the tackle is initiated. The ball will not be spotted where the player is ultimately taken down."

That's from their FAQ on the game. Seriously. They act like it's a proper gameplay feature, which is utterly baffling. After looking through various message boards, it seems that the glitch is around 50% of the time, which is enough to ruin the running game entirely.

Once I get my hands on a copy, I'll do a full write up on this for Blogcritics. Until then, I think fans have a reason to complain.

Update: Someone on the EA forums has a video up of the glitch. Might want to look around the same forum too. Lots of heated bitching!

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