Screw It

That sums up just about everything right now. This is my official request to restart this year from scratch. Earlier, we lost our five year old ferret Marvin to cancer. A month or so later, our 19 year old dog Bitsy needed to be put down due to cancer. This morning, I broke my big toe, and it's now one of the most disgusting things you'll ever see. A guppie in the fish tank was found floating and dead as well about the same time.

Tonight, we also lost another ferret. Hermes didn't make it to two years. He died after 90-minutes of surgery to remove a spleen that had outgrown his body and was litterly sucking his blood dry. He died twice on the operating table and was brought back both times. Post op, he died again, and this time was gone for good. Hermes survived a previous surgery when he was barely a month old and died then on the table too. He fought for everything, and I can only hope he enjoyed some of the short time he had with us. I know I did.

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That certainly is a pretty shitty year, but unfortunately that's life so we have to learn to deal with it. Sorry to hear you lost another Ferret Matt. You've got my condolences.

Actually, no, that is not the most disgusting thing we will ever see, you can keep that one to yourself. Now, how the hell did you break your toe. Or do we want to know?

Sorry about the ferret Matt, again.

Um, well, see, there was this burning building, right? And inside there was this trapped kid... oh, an orphan actually. So I ran in to save him, and found out there was a puppy inside too. So I rescued the puppy too. Since there was soo much smoke, I couldn't see and stubbed my toe on something. Not sure what it was since the building collapsed just as I got through the door and I had to do one of those slow motion leaps of faith to make it out alive.


Thanks for the condolences guys.

Matt, I cant believe you ...

You need to tell the world, come on.

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