Six New Intel iMacs

Because of BGSU's Desktop Replacement Program, we recently got six new Intel iMacs. We had to give up six iMacs to get them, but those were seven years old! I don't mind that trade one bit.

These are 2 Ghz Dual Core Intel, 2 GB of RAM, 20" display, AirPort Extreme, ATI X1600, and SuperDrive. This is a step up from our 2 Ghz G5 17" iMacs, but I wonder how the Adobe and Macromedia software will run emulated.

The only bad news is that I have to configure them all separately. For "security reasons" the university will not give me the install discs to make my own image, which is what I do with all of our PowerPC based Macs.

Less than 20 minutes and I can clone any of the computers here at Student Publications. This is also how I handle troubleshooting, at least with the PPC based Macs. If one computer has a problem, I do not waste time trying to fix it, I just re-image that computer. It looks like I will not be able to do that with these new Intel Macs because of a change in university policy.

If we had more than six, the IT department would help out with making a Radmind image, but with only six, there is no help. This is total BS, but something I will have to live with.

Of course this means I have to install all of Student Publication's software, including six user accounts each, on every stinking computer. Now that just sounds like fun.

Oh, they also will not give me the main admin account password. Again, for "security reasons." So now the computer is cluttered up with two different admin accounts. Thanks.

University bureaucracy is really wearing me thin, to be honest.

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